Meiyu Niwa

Studying under her mother, a Japanese painter, Niwa acquired her unique set of artistic talents through her childhood years of exposure to calligraphy, oil painting and watercolor painting as well as through her intimacy with tea ceremony and incense-smelling ceremony. Traveling abroad to Italy, her eyes were opened to the simple but deep allure of SUMI(Japanese ink) which stands opposite to the abundant colors, climate and natural features of the world she experienced. Integrating calligraphy with Western painting, she established her “SUMI art”, releasing a variety of works base on her motto of “dignity and form”. Her unique Japanese sense of beauty shines through her wellarranged works, earning her wide recognition both at home and abroad. In 2018, her work was exhibited at “World Art Dubai”, the greatest scale art fair of the Middle East. In 2019, an exhibition of her work was held at the George Billis Gallery in New York.