Meiyu Niwa, an artist who harmonizes with all kinds of energy and challenges beyond her limits

Director of the art magazine “Univers des Arts”
Patrice de la Perriere

Meiyu Niwa is truly a multi-talented artist. She learned the basics of art from her mother who is a Japanese painting artist, and then she learned calligraphy, oil painting and watercolour painting, as well as she worked diligently on art such as Sado (tea ceremony) and Kado (traditional incense-smelling ceremony).
It was a trip to Italy that led her to break new ground in her art. She realized the difference between the technique and dignity of Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) and the rich colours, culture and climate in Western paintings. And it led her to establish her own new style of Japanese ink painting called “SUMI art”, which combines the spirit of Japanese calligraphy and Western painting under the motto of “dignity and decency”. The works laid out powerfully and vividly and the quintessence of Japan embedded in them are uniquely beautiful. This is also the reason why her art is highly regarded at home and abroad. In fact, she exhibited in Dubai in 2018 at the largest art fair in the Middle East, and the following year she held a solo exhibition at the George Billis Gallery in New York City in 2019.

Meiyu Niwa’s creation shows a sharp brush tone just like cut with a Japanese sword and its outstanding brush strokes. It is no exaggeration to say that calligraphy is a martial art that is equivalent to Iaido in terms of its powerful movement and the precision of each stroke. In her work, I can feel the passion to follow her heart and the will of the artist to “go further beyond the limits of the self” which people tend to avoid. The artist Niwa will surely continue to amaze art lovers at galleries and exhibitions. A means of harmonizing with the universe and all the energies that exist in it – that’s what art is to her. Many of her works explode like lightning, and the driving force behind them affects the viewers. Viewing her works with an inner eye, something mysterious comes out of her calligraphy, and then it is reflected clearly. Could this be something that connects heaven and earth, body and mind?
Meiyu Niwa has great potential within, just waiting to blossom. The art she pursues and unravels must continue to grow and give invaluable pleasure to those who love it.