Report of the Solo Exhibition at George Billis Gallery in New York in 2019

Exhibition in Chelsea, the city of cutting-edge art


In August 2019, Meiyu Niwa’s solo exhibition was held at George Billis Gallery in Chelsea, New York’s proud art district.

■ Meiyu Niwa’s solo exhibition “”Resonance de l’encre – Resonance of Sumi (Japanese ink)”
Dates: Tuesday, August 13 – Saturday, August 17, 2019
Venue: the George Billis Gallery


You can enjoy encountering art spots everywhere, including bold wall art in Chelsea.


The Chelsea area, the site of the exhibition, is a very popular tourist destination with the Chelsea Hotel, which is a favorite residence of famous artists, musicians and writers, the Whitney Museum of American Modern and Contemporary Art, and the High Line, a hanging garden built on the site of an elevated railway. As one of the world’s leading art districts, it’s constantly crowded with tourists.


Many art fans came to the exhibition every day to enjoy the world of Niwa’s modern Sumi art


In this exhibition, Meiyu Niwa displayed a number of masterpieces wrapped in strong will and deep compassion, including her “The Sun Rises” series, which expresses a glimmer of hope for people recovering from a disaster of unexpected magnitude. The refined aesthetic sense and carefully selected materials invited visitors to enter a prestigious world of art.


■Guest Comment: Fran Kaufman (Contemporary Art Director/Curator)


Fran Kaufman (right), a contemporary art director, came to the exhibition


There are “margins” in her works that welcome the viewers, make us think, and attract us. The brushstrokes are consistent, and while they are based on traditional Japanese calligraphy, they seem to have a world-class style. The shading of sumi (Japanese ink) is also unique, and the pale gray used in the work on the subject of spring conjures up images of seasonal gentleness, fresh air, and ever-changing scenes of nature. There is a sense of “freedom” in Niwa’s works. I was impressed by the way she continues to challenge herself to create new art while respecting tradition.


■Comments from the visitors (excerpts)


The aesthetic sense in Niwa’s Sumi art has moved many art fans


・Wonderful exhibition! I especially felt a clear sense of the “passage of time” in nature. “Silence in the silence Ⅰ” is my favorite. It seems to dive deep into the deep psyche of the individual….
・I felt that the gold, blue and black lines overlapped each other, expressing a beautiful wind.
・The trilogy work is elegant and wonderful. I was fascinated by the beauty of the Japanese brushstrokes and colors!
・I can see the freedom of speech in all of works. It is clear that every line has an emotion in it, and each structure has a different emotion, red for strength, blue for softness, and black for comfort. Gold seems to have a different kind of energy, a value that cannot be expressed in words. All the works have a “face” and express the state of the “mind” of each of them.
・It is truly wonderful to be able to express a large world with just a few brush strokes. I was very interested in the exquisite coloration of the work “Streaming with – In the early afternoon”, which represents the light of the afternoon.
・Various emotions arose. It is as if the works are conversing with each other.
・We are glad to have come to this exhibition. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us!
・I like the use of margins. I feel extraordinary power even in the areas with few colors.
・It is simple, yet sophisticated and very interesting. It is reminiscent of western modern and contemporary artists, but with a sense of uniqueness that sets it apart from everyone else. Thank you for the great work!


The workshop by the artist was also held during the exhibition and it drew a great response from the visitors.


Coverage/Photo: General Incorporated Association Japan Promotion
Article/Production: Juri Mita (Creative Division)