Invited to Triennale de Paris 2019

■Triennale de Paris 2019
Duration:(Thursday) 7 November ~(Sunday) 1 December 2019
Venue:Bastille Design Center

Bastille, where the venue is located, is also known as the cradle of the French Revolution and is now home to museums, libraries, artists’ studios and offices and where is French history and modern society coexist.
The Bastille Design Center, the venue for this event, is also a historic construction and is now used as a venue for various exhibitions and art-related events.


Bastille Design Center


“Triennale de Paris” is an exhibition organized by ARTEC (Association for the promotion of the arts). At the 2019 edition, Meiyu Niwa was personally invited by the President of ARTEC, François Icart Langlois. There are two artists from the East, including Meiyu Niwa were invited and only one from Japan.


Poster for Triennale de Paris 2019


Meiyu Niwa exhibited four works. Each piece is consistently elegant and powerful.
This outpouring of power has become a bridge between East and West in this exhibition.


Commemorative photo in front of the exhibited works


At the venue, there was also opportunity of exchange with foreign artists.
In the photo is the artist, Ybah Sculpteur. Niwa said “She speaks a little English, so I was able to communicate with her in my poor English, and it was a fun time.”


Commemorative photo in front of Ybah Sculpteur’s work


This exhibition was an opportunity for Niwa to exchange ideas with other artists in Paris, the art capital of the world.


Coverage/Photo: General Incorporated Association Japan Promotion
Article/Production: Juri Mita (Creative Division)